BITS AND PIECES a movie collage ENCORE short version by jasper keldeman & thomas jeninga ENCORE full version SQUEEGIEMAN'S SOLITUDE short version by weley vis SQUEEGIEMAN'S SOLITUDE full version PROMO by gijs westerman LIVING STATUE by gijs westerman COMIENDO TIERRA by geman grĂ¼ber ICP commercial 3 PRESENTATION STYLES educational project ZAND by paul andrĂ© oliehoek ONTSLAGGESPREK (resignation call) instruction video BRANCO by ron visser DE CIRKEL version 1 by robin segers DE CIRKEL version 2 same story, another version DE CIRKEL maria being interviewed COLOURKITCHEN promo PINK RIBBON information breast cancer THE MAKING OF by ruben sebban END 48 hour filmfestival 2007 awards:best music and opening shot JEUGDINRICHTING ministry of justice EUROPE TV PROMO maria being interviewed EUROPE TV PART 1 EUROPE TV PART 2